John Trusello Drexel Finance Major

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John Trusello Finance Major

I had started at Drexel my freshman year in pursuit of an Engineering degree coupled with a Business degree. It was a new hybrid degree from Drexel.    Although I love math and science, I quickly realized I didn't want to pursue engineering as a profession.    I researched and now in my fourth year am finishing a Finance degree, my passion.  I would like to finish my Finance degree with the Dragon Course at Drexel and look into Investment Banking and Finance as a career.


Current workload

 I look forward to several challenging Finance classes and Business classes.  

   Now finishing my fourth year at Drexel University, and talked to executives at the Philadelphia Flyers, but have chosen

Chemours as my final internship.   I am anxious to start my COOP with Chemours and show them Drexel Pride. 


My drive

After being part of the winning  National Rugby Championship team, a very disciplined and demanding high school at Archmere Academy, I am ready to take on new challenges.

   If you are en employer and reading through my site, please know that I will always be prompt, a gentleman and a scholar.


I would like human resource managers to know that I will be the best applicant for any position that you have available. 

    I will work 110% to make sure the job gets done right, the first time, every time.

Philadelphia Eagles / Flyers

Met with Carson Wentz and had a photo op with him.    Really excited.

Met with Zack Hill (head of PR for the Philadelphia Flyers).

FAQs For HR managers COOP employers

When can you work?    Everyday.

Do you drive?     Yes

Do you own your car?   Yes

Are you prompt to work?    Always early.

What would we expect if you were hired?     A person dedicated to the job, staying late if necessary and an undying love to work within a team.